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Tue Apr 27 16:21:42 CDT 2004

On 27-Apr-04, at 10:18 AM, Diane Soini wrote:

> I'm about to either throw my computer (Mac) out the window or march 
> down and buy a new one (they make them with 1.33mhz processors for 
> less than I paid for this 500mhz one). But maybe I should save money 
> and try something else first.
> I use Dreamweaver, but only for the Site Files view for FTP-ing files. 
> I like having the visual ability to see the files on both the local 
> and remote sides. The problem is, when I switch back and forth between 
> applications I often must wait staring at that silly spinning 
> beachball for what seems like minutes. Or, if there is an error 
> FTP-ing files I have to wait what seems like minutes just to get the 
> error message to go away. I can go in the kitchen and get coffee while 
> this is going on.
> I know that built in ftp with Terminal is a fine solution, but I find 
> it a little inconvenient trying to remember where I am in the 
> directory tree all the time. It's too easy for me to make a mistake 
> and upload a file to the wrong place.
> Are there any free ftp programs I could use instead that are similar 
> to the Dreamweaver interface that you recommend? I also don't much 
> care for BBEdit's ftp because I can't just select a multitude of files 
> and upload them with a single click, or at least I have never figured 
> out how to do that.
> Diane

I have Transmit and Interarchy. In general both programs are fine. 
Peter Lewis, the developer of Interarchy is particularly responsive to 
support questions and suggestions.

And you are right, ftp is not BBEdit's strong suit :-) However BBEdit 
does handle sftp and is well integrated into both of these ftp clients 
and the Mac keychain as well. It also does a nice job with CVS.

I have a 500mhz dual G4. Most of the beachballing I experienced was due 
to lack of memory. Going from 512mb to 1.5gb made a HUGE improvement in 
performance. I didn't realize until then just how sly OS10 is at using 
virtual memory. I still dont have the fastest machine around but am now 
content to wait until the G5's hit 3mz or so before upgrading.

robert mcgonegal

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