[thelist] Stylish file/dev server [was: [OT?] Apple Questions]

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Wed Apr 28 06:32:30 CDT 2004

Hello Howard,

> As a server?   
> You must be talking about a pro-sumer setup right?  Freelancer or someone
> similar?  I can¹t see that dishing out the goods to a small/medium work
> group very well.

Yes, as a server :-) And yes, for somebody working alone (or maybe with 
one or two other person) in a home office - definitely not for a medium 
work group, oh no. But in a home office where the looks and sound of the 
box may be important this kind of computer has it's place. I wouldn't 
want an ugly and noisy server in my room... Obviously this is not a 
'real' server, but just to hold one persons files and test their PHPs or 
ASPs this is well enough.

Looks like this is a new server class then: below work group server we 
now have a personal server :-)


>>Which brought me to recommend another option for that kind of server,
>>have a look at:
>>It's small, quiet and it looks good. It also has Dual channel
>>S-ATA/RAID controller, supporting RAID 0,1. And as it is a barebone
>>system, it can be pretty cheap.

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