[thelist] Stylish file/dev server [was: [OT?] Apple Questions]

Mike Hopkins ironmike at inav.net
Wed Apr 28 17:51:53 CDT 2004

There certainly is a "new" server class. It's the Home
to do multimedia interconnections, keep home records,
maybe control lighting through something like X-10, run
a small security setup, etc.; to act as an Internet hub,
wireless network hub and and to support the telecommuter.
It doesn't need the bang of a "real" server as most of what
does is simply interconnect a limited number of intelligent
agents. It should be fast and flexible, though.

I believe it would be ideal for supporting a web developer
as well.

Actually the home server has been around for a while, but it
seeing new uses as digital entertainment and high speed
internet expand.


Mike Hopkins
ironmike |AT| inav.net

>>Howard Scott:
> > You must be talking about a pro-sumer setup right?
Freelancer or someone
> > similar?  I can¹t see that dishing out the goods to a
small/medium work
> > group very well.

Kasimir K:
> Looks like this is a new server class then: below work
group server we
> now have a personal server :-)

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