[thelist] holy smokes! nav disappears!

Simon Perry thelist at si-designs.co.uk
Thu Apr 29 08:35:44 CDT 2004

Gregory Wostrel wrote:

> Baffled by this one. A site that was just completed, 
> http://www.pathtree.com/ which I tested on Mac/PC and the various 
> major browsers, and was working, suddenly (?) has a major problem.
> In IE6/Win when a user goes to select from the side navigation, the 
> entire nav area disappears!! The site works fine in Safari, Firefox, 
> IE5/Mac, Mozilla/Win, Firefox/Win and validates as XHTML1 trans and CSS.
> I am trying hard to figure it out, but any insights from this group 
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Once again, the site:
> http://www.pathtree.com
> the css:
> http://www.pathtree.com/style/basic.css
Sounds like classic peekaboo[0] behavior to me.


[0] http://www.positioniseverything.net/explorer/peekaboo.html

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