[thelist] Flash dynamic text and html

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Fri Apr 30 00:09:21 CDT 2004

On Thursday, April 29, 2004, at 11:50  PM, Skip McBride wrote:
> How would I add a scroll bar to the text field containing the html/txt
> page!?

Make sure your textfield has an instance name.

If you're not already defining the dynamic text in the following way, 
make sure it's

[texffield instance name].htmlText = field1

There's a scrollbar component that ships with Flash ... choose window > 
components - drop the scrollbar on the textfield and it will size 

Tell the scrollbar the instance name you've given your textfield by 
typing it in the target textfield' properties pane.

You should be good to go!

- Erik Mattheis
612 377 2272

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