[thelist] email ticket system for webmaster messages

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Wed Jun 9 12:01:08 CDT 2004

Messages to the webmaster email account for a site I developed (and 
continue to develop) are sent to me and a few people in the client 
organization. Unfortunately, most messages don't get replied to, either 
because these people just don't care, or think someone else will reply 
to the messages. Also, when messages do get replied to, they don't 
always get CCed to the other "webmasters", so we all know if the 
messages were replied to.

I've suggested they try a ticket system as a possible solution to this 
problem. The requirements: free or really cheap, PHP or ColdFusion (or 
Perl), MySQL or SQL Server, and, most importantly, it must be *dead 
simple* to use :) These are some I've found:
Based on the demos/screenshots available, I think TicketSmith looks like 
the easiest to use. Does anyone have experience with any of these or any 
other good ticket systems?

Sarah Sweeney
Web Developer & Programmer
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Blog, etc :: http://hardedge.ca

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