[thelist] how to do autorun on CD?

Millie Niss men2 at columbia.edu
Sun Jun 27 03:36:18 CDT 2004

I am making a CD of my web art, and I'd like to make it start up a web
browser and open my index.html file automatically when the CD is put in the
computer.  How do I do this?

Sorry for the dumb question!

By the way, the work I'm putting on CD is at www.sporkworld.org  I'm going
to present a workshop on Sound Poetry in Flash at the trAce Incubation
conference in Nottingham this summer, and they want presenters to bring CDs
to sell...  I'd be happy to get comments on the web site...


P.S. I'd appreciate replies by email, if that isn't too much of a pain!

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