[thelist] Odd Behavior last night with MySQL Server

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Fri Aug 6 10:03:06 CDT 2004

Rob Smith wrote:

> These are the INSERT commands generated by the above script:
> http://www.azuritedesign2.com/One-Fourth/importdata.php
> It all looks like it should work right? 

No. The format of the INSERT command you're using requires a value
*for each column of the table*.

> Ok. There are 2103 rows like this in my csv file. I've (now) confirmed that
> 5 times. Yet when I run the above script, it will sporadically skip large
> amounts of rows?! In one particular case it will go from "429" skips to
> "519" 

And there's an obvious clue -- entry 429 has 6 fields, 430 has only
5. Too bad PHP apparently doesn't bother to pass back error messages
(or stop entirely on error) or you'd have discovered this as soon as
you hit item 35.  :-)


P.S. you can use LOAD DATA INFILE to bypass this issue entirely...
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