[thelist] 3-column div hell....

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Fri Aug 6 13:58:17 CDT 2004

At 19:21 on Friday, 06 Aug 2004, Karl Jacobs wrote:

>> Like someone else said, if you could give us a mockup of what you're
>> trying to accomplish, we could come up with some way to do it.
> Here's a link for a jpg of what I'm trying to do.  Just those three  
> columns, with the two vertical rules.   The width is fixed, and  
> everything is aligned left. (there are container divs for the whole  
> body). The content in the divs will be changing weekly, so the length of  
> that content is variable.
> ftp://drop.aero.org/pub/in.coming/Picture-5.jpg
> I've got the menu working nice in CSS as a styled UL. Just need those  
> bloody columns.

it's all fixed width?

just the height varies?

create a single pixel high jpg, the width of your container with the  
column marks in the right places, use it as a background on the container,  
tile repeat it vertically.  the column marks are part of the container  
which grows whichever column is tallest - just show them through the  
contained divs by setting their backgrounds to transparent.

now why won't that work?

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