[thelist] Virtual private server vs. managed dedicated server

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Mon Aug 16 10:22:47 CDT 2004

Peter Van Dijck wrote:

> I'm looking for a host with some specific requirements and have a few 
> questions:
> - I need the usual Apache+PHP+MySQL. I absolutely need to be able to 
> edit the httpd.conf file (htaccess is not enough).
> - Apart from that, I'd like it as managed as possible.
> - I want to spend something like $40-$140 a month.
> - I will host a few domains on this, and would like an easy to use 
> panel (like cPanel).
> - I want to host a for-pay service on this, so reliability and support 
> is important.
> Any recommendations? What type of service should I go for, considering 
> I do need httpd.conf access but I want minimum fuzz with the server 
> (updates, ...). Maybe a managed dedicated server? 

Take a look at http://beachcombercreations.com/, dedicated servers. The 
Budget and Single Chip groups have servers in the range you are looking 
for. CPanel and other nice things are part of the package, support has 
been very good and no downtime for 2 years.

Ron D.

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