[thelist] Issue with 2k3 Server...

Ken Schaefer ken.schaefer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 19:27:59 CDT 2004


a) It freezes every hour at that time? Or it freezes at random hours,
but when it does freeze it happens to be 58 minutes past the hour?

b) Are you saying there's nothing extra installed at all? No
non-default services/components? No security updates? No 3rd party
programs (like antivirus etc)?

c) What does the machine look like when it's "frozen"? Does it accept
any user input, or it is completely "locked up"? If it's not
completely locked up, what's consuming CPU etc?

d) Is it possible that the hardware is faulty?

e) Is it possible the machine has been compromised? (something like
TCPView or netstat might help you here)


On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 18:07:27 -0500, jsWalter <jswalter at torres.ws> wrote:
> Anyone here have any experience with Windows 2003 Server?
> It freezes at 58 minutes after the hour! Exactly!
> It has froze at the time 3 times today.
> It has taken me 3 days to see the pattern.
> So, it must be doing something at 2 minutes to the hour,
> every hour that makes it freeze.
> OK, so the question now is, what does 2k3 do every hour?
> These services are off:
> - DNS
> - DHCP
> - Index Server
> - Windows Time
> No other apps are installed. This is a pure Server install.
> But there are still 35 services running...
> Handles:     5141
> Threads:     331
> Processes:   23
> Utilization: 2% to 7%
> Users:       1 - administrator (local login)
> Any ideas?

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