[thelist] Windows Server 2003 Confusion

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Tue Aug 31 09:58:56 CDT 2004

Greetings Everyone:

   First off, I'm not a Windows Server guy, just know my way around

   So we have a Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition server, and I have set
it up properly for Active Directory (as a domain controller) and print
and file server. Added all computers in the office, created accounts for
all users, and even added my two linux boxes successfully.

   Now I'm stuck on something simple that I can't seem to google.  I
need to implement two things (a) roaming profiles (b) logon script. I
already know what the script will do (and I have one that I want to
use). I'm just stuck on where to put it. From the documentation I've
read it states to put the path to the script in the Profile section of
the user account in the AD.  Does this script need to be on the server,
or on the client computer?  The script is simple - map h: to home, map
z: to the application repository, map y: to the references share, and
setup the default printer. Can't get it to work. If I set the home
directory "manually" (ie, in the profile section) it works great. I've
tried putting the file in the NETLOGON directory on the server, but
really not sure where its supposed to go.  All stations are Windows XP
Professional. Do I need to install Windows Scripting Host (?) if my
logon script is .vbs?

  Second issue is with the roaming profiles.  I created two directories
in F:\ Profiles, and F:\Homes. Both are shared. In profiles, I've
manually created directories for each user (ie, Jim, Bob, etc.) Given
the user all rights, and Domain Users only "read" rights.  In the user
profile screen, I have the profile directory as
\\Servername\Profiles\Jim. This is not working. Whenever I logon as jim
to the domain server -- the logon process takes a very long time --
finally a window pops up that the roaming profile cannot be found, and a
default profile will be created and used. Next there is a long pause
after which a window pops up -- a local profile cannot be created, you
will be logged on using a temproary profile. The user is logged in, but
there are no mapped drives.

  Can someone please enlighten me?

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Burhan Khalid

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