[thelist] Possible z-index problem

Dmitri Vassilenko troworld at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 11:44:56 CDT 2004

Hello, again. I got no replies, so I went the way I know best - the hack-way! :/

I discovered another way to fix the problem, though. If I contain the
navigation menu in the #content div (which holds the columns), then IE
lays everything out properly (kudos to the author of
http://www.aplus.co.yu/CSSdesign/z-pos/), but Opera does something
very weird. Since I do care about Opera-compatibility, I simply used
the * html hack to show z-index: -1 for #content for IE/Win.

Posting this for archiving purposes in case someone else bumps into
this problem.


On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 16:56:42 -0400, Dmitri Vassilenko
<troworld at rogers.com> wrote:
> [For some reason, I can't send this from my Gmail account. I'm resending. I'm
> sorry if this turns out to be a duplicate.]
> Hi, list.
> Page in question: http://www.petroseikon.com/pe/
> Please look at the navigation menu below the header (navigation menu
> source can be found here: http://gosu.pl/dhtml/mygosumenu.html). In
> Firefox and Opera, the drop-down menu appears above #content (the
> wrapper around two main columns on the page), while in IE/Win, the
> menu drops-down below #content, which makes it invisible. Setting
> #content's z-index to -1 fixes the problem in IE, but makes the
> content invisible in Firefox/Opera. Setting #content's z-index to any
> positive number lower than the z-index of #nav (the menu's div)
> doesn't change anything. Is this another one of IE's many
> CSS-implementation bugs or did I code something wrong? ((probably the latter))
> Is there a way to fix this without resorting to hacks?
> Thanks for any help.
> Dmitri

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