[thelist] Crystal Reports Question

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Tue Sep 7 18:34:26 CDT 2004

Scott Dexter wrote:
> I'm dorking around with a Crystal Report (w/VB6, fun!) that needs to
> dynamically pick up the db settings when it is opened (run time). For
> some reason I can not figure out (CR 9), the db settings done at
> design time are being saved with the report, which is bad, since the
> db is a dev db at design time, and needs to be a different db at run
> time. I've tried changing the driver used (from RDO to ADO), changing
> the DSN on the fly, using a connection string (not specifying
> anything but the DSN) as per one of Crystal's KB articles, nothing
> seems to work. Anyone have ideas?


Here's what I did when I was dorking around with CR Enterprise:

I setup an ODBC Connectoid with the same name on all PCs or Servers that 
were going to run my report(s). Then Pointed that Connectoid to the DB I 
wanted to hit.

E.g. the Development PC was pointed to the Dev DB. The local Test Server 
was pointed to the Test DB and the Production Server was pointed to the 
Production DB.

By using the ODBC connectoid I was able to move the report file between 
machines and not freak it out.

Hope that helps.

Anthony Baratta

This is clearly another case of too many
mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.

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