[thelist] Re: link trading was google tool bar for mac?

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> Subject: [thelist] link trading was google tool bar for mac?
> that sort of thing. anyone offering to sell your stuff is good? i 
> suppose you can say "we get enough trade thanks".
> anyway, what happened to the collaborative nature of the web? where 
> two small guys help each other out? if youre big, then you pay through 
> the nose for your position. but small guys shouldnt have to pay - just 
> help each other out?
> thoughts?

I'm a "small guy". I get requests for link swapping from time-to-time. 
I am not sure what you are wanting to debate, but in my experience the 
problem I often encounter is someone whose web site is geared toward a 
particular audience wants to link swap with me. My web site is pretty 
specific. So unless your web site is not too general and not too 
specific I don't see a reason to swap links.

For example, my personal web site is about hiking in my particular area 
of the country. Someone who has a web site with "Family Friendly" 
information wants to link to me. Sure fine. Hiking is a family friendly 
activity. But why would I link back? I list trails and link out to 
other local tourism-related web sites, local news, local weather and 
local environmental web sites. The key word there is "local". "Family 
Friendly" is just too general, especially when the site in question has 
information for locations outside my area.

So, I'm happy to help out the small guy who has local information that 
hikers might be interested in (for example, surfing in my area), but 
not someone whose information is not locally specific or geared toward 
an audience where only a tiny portion might want be looking for hiking 

I feel bad when I turn these folks down. But I'm not making any money 
out of this anyway.

> Alex
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