[thelist] Improved windows scheduler

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 9 14:50:44 CDT 2004

> > (Whatcha doing every few seconds that is "maintenance?")
> Where's the proverbial smiley?  Certainly you can think of
> needs to be updated or processed every few seconds.
> Updating a webcam feed
> Check the temp on my Fridge to make sure it's exactly 35.5 degrees
> F
> Pulling down RSS from a few thousand sources (a few at a time of
> course)

You said a sticky word, though: "maintenance." To me, maintenance is
aside from core application processes --garbage collection, checking
for updates for "realtively" static information, data refreshes, etc.
The items you mention above I'd not consider "maintenance," but
rather core appication stuff. It's all semantics, eh?

But, considering the semantics, if an operation has to be done once a
second, then why not have the app take care of itself? The webcam
feed is a meta refresh, the fridge is a service, as is the RSS
Feeder(tm) which lies in wait, or polls according to a schedule
you've designed....

er something :)

But to address your original question, I just did a quick search on
Tucows, and saw http://tucows.com/preview/195752.html ... maybe worth
checking out?


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