[thelist] grid control for web app?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Sep 22 12:00:32 CDT 2004

Glenn Carr wrote:

>>Have you considered fixing the script to make it work in other
>>browsers, or are you already certain that you want a non-HTML
> I have considered, but my worry is that the time it will take to get it
> working correctly in the major browsers would be too much.  

What do you consider the major browsers? If it's IE and Moz, that
shouldn't be a big deal to handle.

>                                                             I just keep
> thinking there is something out there.  I also was thinking that an applet
> might be faster in some cases.  Here's the best thing I've found, but it's
> not cheap ($249):
> http://scand.com/products/awtx/treetable/

And it doesn't work -- try changing a book price and then re-sort
the column; it's obviously using the original value :-)

Aside from the fact that there will be a certain percentage of your
audience who don't have a Java plug-in...

Honestly, I'd stick with JavaScript; since I've been intending to
do something like this anyway, I just went ahead with a quick test
implementation, using an XMLHttpRequest/XMLHTTP request to access
the database in the background. Works like a charm in both IE5.5
and Moz, and only took a couple of hours. Of course, my little test
case may not do all you need in your app, but it seems a practical

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