ASP on IIS6 (opposite question; was RE: [thelist] ASP.NET on IIS 5?)

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You can get more detail in my posts here:

I think the two people who responded to my thread hadn't read all the detail
of my initial post, because I think it was pretty obvious that it wasn't
anything obvious.  Too often, people make quick reflex replies based on the
first thing one reads in a textbook.  No, there were several problems, but
the real culprit was a specific file permission change somewhere deep.  I
don't remember where and I didn't document it as I went, because I was in
too much of a hurry to fix it to take notes.  I did manage to fix it without
bringing any services down except for a couple of IIS restarts, but to do it
I referenced a KB article on permissions for ASP on Windows2000 and I do
recall there was something informative there, that was helpful.

Shane Miller

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I'm curious to know the answer to this as well...


On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 17:32:59 -0500, Peter Brunone (
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> Hi Shane,
>        What was tedious about getting "classic" to run on IIS6?
> Cheers,
> Peter
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> It is possible, one of our servers is running both .NET and
> "traditional" asp.  However, setting it up to do that was quite
> time-consuming.  Initially it was fairly straightforward, but we then
> disabled .asp because we didn't think we'd need it, and adding it again
> later took a lot of time.  We had to rebuild file permissions for all
> the relevant directories.
> Shane Miller
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> Can you run 'traditional' ASP on IIS6? I had the impression you
> couldn't, but can't find any firm documentation or an evidence for why I
> thought that.
> thank
> joel

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