[thelist] Moving to JSP from ASP

Warren Murray warren at digital-crossroads.com
Tue Oct 5 08:00:48 CDT 2004

Good Day to All,

Listen, I'm working on possibly moving an application to JSP from ASP, but I'm having a difficult time justifying it.  I'm also trying to figure out are the necessary elements required to run JSP on a Windows or Linux platform.

We are currently running the application:
Windows 2000 Professional
Server 5.0 IIS
Access (Database)
Oracle 10g (Instant Client)  

One of my reasons is cost because we want to have the flexibility to increase the number of applications at a client site without increasing the cost substantially.  What are some other reasons?

As I read up on JSP, I read that the required pieces to make JSP operational is J2SE SDK and Jakarta/Tomcat.  My questions for this are:
Is that all I need?  If not, what else would I need?

Do I need Apache too?  

What can I use for email other than Server IIS 5.0?


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