[thelist] "Repeating Text" in IE6

Matthew Lewis matthewhse at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 09:44:14 CDT 2004

I've got a CSS layout using absolute-positioning.  That is, the side
columns are absolutely-positioned, while the main content area appears
within the flow of the document with padding applied to the top to
make room for the absolutely-positioned header (which comes almost
last in the code).

The problem I've been experiencing is that several users report that
the main content text repeats over itself into a big blob when
scrolling down the page, ONLY when they follow a link to our site from
an e-mail message.  I have no reports of this problem from people who
follow other web links or who type in the address manually.

These people are using a variety of Windows operating systems,
including W2K, ME, and XP.  I run W2K and have been unable to
duplicate this error.  The browser being used is IE6.

I had one person tell me that this link might help:


But I've checked and eliminated this from the list of possible causes.
For one thing the problem it describes isn't what I've been
encountering, and for another thing the layout doesn't have any
floated elements.  So there must be something else.

Any ideas?



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