[thelist] search engine for government subsidary

Theodore Serbinski tserbinski at washsq.com
Thu Oct 7 15:20:47 CDT 2004

Hi all! So I'm about to start on a fairly big contract to completely 
redo Ocean.us <http://www.ocean.us> (yeah it's a mess!) and one feature 
that I will need to add is a search engine, preferably free.

I've done my research and I've narrowed it down to the following:

  - Zoom search: http://www.wrensoft.com/zoom/index.html
  - Google Public Service: http://services.google.com/publicservice/login

My question is, which of these would you guys recommend over there 
other? Both support *.doc and *.pdf searching which is necessary.

Is the Google one highly customizable, like could I integrate it into my 
design with header, sidebar, footer, ect? CSS should take precedence?

Would certainly be easier to use the Google one and right now I'm 
leaning towards that. But since I've never had to build in search 
capabilities to a site before I'm curious if there is anything I'm 



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