[thelist] marketing

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Mon Oct 18 20:07:32 CDT 2004

 Hi All

ok well I wanted to renew the discussion of marketing ideas.

Ive been persuaded by the merits of "passive marketing" so no worries 

I met some women at a bar one of whom was a marketing expert and soon 
put me to rights over what i was doing.

Apparently the key first step is to get the client marketed so that 
his/her customers are seeing what benefits them rather than talking lots 
about the client. the client has to be somewhat selfless it seems.

She mentioned that you have to know your market inside out, amongst 
other things.[1] I got quite a lecture and she stopped when she realised 

If you have a range of products you focus on a few rather than blasting 
away with your entire range.

Another tip was to find my own customers where i understood their 
product, again excellent advice.

So as i play piano at roughly grade 7 (untested tho') talking to 
professional musicians might be a good idea. Strangely enough one client 
on the books is a musician. Did a bit of work for an engineer - have 
done some degree level chemistry so wasnt too scared esp as went out 
with a chem engineer - again relationship went well. so its unlikely i 
would do well pitching for a beauty salon, or a horse riding school etc.

Anyway, Im thinking of rewriting my front page to reflect the above 
ideas plus something like:

"we concentrate on core values(?) such as: good organisation, personal 
service and use of leading technology. "

hmm have I left anything out? service, tech, organisation(best use of 
resources & time) & something which is important. maybe things like 
marketing? "identifying your market?" surely every website company has 
to identify markets / customers?

any comments welcome.

[1] for example, if a woman is using the site she'd not be really that 
into widgets and fanciness - just clear layout with bright colours and 
fun to use. a man would have different needs. ive no real idea what the 
needs of the women and men are but apparently they are different. if im 
talking to 30 year olds then appealing to their need for self 
realisation and playing to their ambitions will catch attention / retain 
attentions. suddenly realised that the advertising for the terrestial 
channels in the uk are made for different social groups, which is a bit 

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