[thelist] which open source CMS?

Maximillian Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Tue Oct 19 15:29:01 CDT 2004

Theodore Serbinski wrote:

> Does anyone have any opinions on what CMSs seemed to have worked and 
> if Mambo is a good choice?

Mambo is fantastic.  Very extensible, very active dev and user 
community, lots of extensions.  The only problem with Mambo is the 
table-based layout that it produces.  They're heading toward XHTML/CSS, 
but it will be a while yet.  In addition to Drupal some other options 
include Xaraya, Xoops and Typo3.  Typo3 is really cool, but very 
complex.  You'd need to spend time learning it.  Check out 
OpenSourceCMS.com if you haven't already - an essential resource.  (btw 
they're running Mambo...)

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