[thelist] SourceSafe History By Label

Scott Brady dsbrady at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 15:00:21 CST 2004

I'm trying to get a report of files which have changed in SourceSafe
based on 2 labels (i.e., which files changed between the times the two
labels were created).  I'm trying to use the batch file described


and have run into problems.

Here's our setup:

1) I have VSS installed on my local machine.
2) The VSS server/source are on an internal machine here:
     a) The application itself is installed in a folder which is
shared [so I have it as a network drive on my local machine]
     b) The source code database is in a different folder on that same
machine, which is also shared.

If I run the batch file where the ss.exe file is on my local machine,
it can't find any projects in the code database ($/ is empty).

If I run the batch file where ss.exe file points to the shared VSS
folder [ 2a) above], I get a message that <path>\VSS\data\um.dat may
be corrupt.

If I run Analyze on the networked machine, no problems show up, so I
don't think the .dat  file is actually corrupt.

Is there something else I can try?


Scott Brady

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