[thelist] Obscure: WordStar2000 file

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Fri Nov 12 00:22:22 CST 2004

Try this:  http://www.wordstar.org/wsdos/pages/tlcws2kfiles.htm

It was #2 in the Google search for "Wordstar 2000"

Oh, and I was going to say that if someone were REALLY psychic, they'd
have gotten out of the way of the train...

> One of my clients co-authored a book related to psychic research with
> a notable Russian scientist who was, alas, killed by a passing train
> one day. The scientist had the draft and my client has a copy of the
> file but it is in the rather archaic Wordstar 2000.  My client is
> desperate to get it into some format she can work with so she can get
> it published but we don't have any kind of s/w to even open it let
> alone translate.
> Is there anybody who would know how a file for that program could be,
> at the least, converted to plain text?  (At best, to something like
> OpenOffice/Word format, but even just getting it OUT of the rather
> encrypted proprietary format would be great.)
> Many thanks in advance if so.
> (No jokes about how if someone were REALLY psychic, I'd already know
> this answer. ;-))
> PJ
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