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M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Sat Nov 13 01:19:33 CST 2004

Message from ANDREA STREIGHT (11/12/2004 09:09 PM)
>No offense to anyone, but I agree that the
>[worldwideweb] [dot] spy-bot [dot] net
>site looks entirely bogus, potentially dangerous, and blatantly

That doesn't change the fact that what you asked about may not be bonafide 
MS software, more likely quite the opposite. Andrew has seconded my 
suspicions, but hey since when is two people suggesting you may have 
malware on your computer sufficient grounds for checking it out.

>I will not return to it to inspect its deficiencies, but from what I recall,
>there is no About Us, no Contact, no credentials, no reputable outbound
>links, I mean really now.

Yada yada... your pedantism isn't doing me any harm, I'm not the one with 
the potentially infected system. .

You're welcome.


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