[thelist] CSS - Making a column in table emphisized

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Sun Nov 14 23:46:53 CST 2004

Message from Brian Reaves (11/15/2004 12:27 AM)
>Yes, that is the way I originally had it (using a class). However I 
>thought one could completely separate style from content.

I don't see how using a class disturbs the separation. Nor, for that 
matter, how you can have a total separation of the two. Content is styled. 
Styles are applied to content. There must be some degree of interaction.

td.ident describes the content of the cell. What goes into the CSS says how 
that content should be styled.

You could however, as Tony suggested, also use the colgroup tag to 
accomplish your goals.


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