[thelist] user perception

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 16 12:43:55 CST 2004

What happens if you just blindly hit the "enter" key?

And I'm sure you'll get a few responses to this, but I'd /strongly/
suggest splitting this into two separate pages. Somehow, someway. If
guests don't need to login, why even present this page to them? And
it seems like you're mixing terminology. Is a site admin also a
content admin? Do content admins approve content? 

Sorry, I must sound like one of your users ;)

> Guests do not need an account or password to add or edit documents.
> Any 
> documents you add or edit will be submitted to site administrators
> for 
> approval.
> [Enter]
> Content Managers are responsible for maintaining specific sections
> of 
> the website and have been assigned a password. If you are a content
> manager, please enter your email address and password below. If
> not, 
> please use the Guests' Login, above.
> Email: ______________
> Password: ______________
> [ ] Remember my email address on this computer
> [Login]
> _Forgot your password? Click here to have it emailed to you._

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