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Hi John,

I would recommend Vegas Video 5
(http://mediasoftware.sonypictures.com/products/vegasfamily.asp) for the
price it is a very good piece of software.

If you are using a DV cam (most cameras under 4 years old *probably* have
fire wire out) then you will need to make sure that there is some firewire
port on the computer. (you can pick up cheap Firewire cards pretty cheaply

You might find depending on the speed and cache of your hard disk, the
amount of memory and the speed of the CPU, that recording and playback of
source (captured) material is jerky, or near impossible. If you think this
is going to be an issue, and it's jsut the disk, you could buy a SATA raid
card and enough harddisks to go with the card. This will ensure that the
disk speed will be fast enough to play back more than one stream at a time.

I have an athlon 3200, with 1gig of ram and (4 x  120gb SATA disks) = 440gb
hard disks (220 of which is in a raid) and a radion 9800 graphics card and
this machine can capture stuff realtime and I can play the clips back
without any dropped frames. On larger video projects if rendering PAL it can
take some time, but if smaller resolutions (eg for web) it zips though
within minutes or a few hours depending on how complex the scene is.

I hope this helps


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Hi, all,

   Hope this isn't off-topic. (Video editing produces output that can be
posted to websites, eh? ;-) ) My sister is interested in getting some
video editing software for her husband for Christmas, and asked me for
some advice because I "know about computers". Of course, I know nothing
about video editing; I don't even own a camcorder. So I thought maybe
some here might have some quick thoughts. The situation is that her
husband owns a Sony Digital Handycam and a Dell 4600 Series, but he's
not a video professional, so I'm assuming this will be mostly for home

   First, software. She's seen reviews for Pinnacle Studio 9, ULead
VideoStudio 8, and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. Anyone had experience
with these, and can recommend them? Or any other recommendations?

   Also, neither of us are certain about connection the camera to the
PC. I did a little reading on "Firewire", which my sister saw referenced
somewhere, and also on MemoryStick technology, which Sony mentions on
its product description for the camera. Are either/both of these
technologies involved in interfacing the camera and the PC? Probably the
PC doesn't have an interface for either of them already, so I'm assuming
that a card of some sort will have to be bought for whatever technology
the camera requires?

   Thanks for any advice.

- John

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