[thelist] Database Licensing Question

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Tue Dec 21 19:30:13 CST 2004

On Wednesday 22 December 2004 01:00, Ken Schaefer wrote:
> : > :-) For someone on the windows platform i would say there is little> : >
> : > reason to use mysql anymore.
> :
> : Well... scalability would be one... MSDE is restricted to 2GB database>
> size, and 5 concurent users... and when you need to scale to MSSQL your
> : licenses go through the roof.
> The 2 GB limitation will go away in the next version of SQL Server (SQL
> Server 2005) which will be released in about 6 months.
> The 5 concurrent user limit is incorrect - I'm not sure what you're basing
> that on. 
On a few webpages, but that could be outdated info...

> There is a workload governor which limits you to 8 concurrent 
> operations, which is enough to support dozens (or even a hundred or more
> users):
Here they say 25 users...

> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/?url=/library/en-us/architec/8_ar_sa2_0ci
>q. asp?frame=true
Yeah it explains how it has been crippled so that it slows down when it's 
doing more than 8 operations at the same time, that's what i meant when i 
"Well... scalability would be one... <snip> ... and when you need to scale to 
MSSQL your licenses go through the roof.
Which was based on:

And I'm not particulary against MSSQL, ( I actually maintain one WIN2000 MSSQL 
server among several Linux/MySQL servers, and although I find it a bit clunky 
to work with, I must say it holds up well as it is being continuously 
bombarded, and is well over 20gigs in size... no real problems so far... ) , 
but I far prefer mySQL, and we make a point of donating something to the OS 
softwares we use profesionally anyway, so I'm happy to give a few $100 to 
support an excellent product.


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