[thelist] Paypal IPN integration help request

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Thu Dec 30 22:38:07 CST 2004

	So are you sending those fields *from* your page to paypal and
then expecting to get them back on the IPN page, or are you telling
Paypal to get that info from them?  I do the latter and I always get
those fields back if they're filled out (except for payer_business_name;
I think I use something else).

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Hi all.  Hopefully, someone here will be able to tell me what I am doing
wrong.  I have gone over the IPN documentation and tried various options
wihout success.

I have been successful in getting the basics down and am receiving the
payment.  But for some reason, some of the tags/information that I am
submitting is not being returned.  Specifically, I require the end user
to give their mailling address and company name. But when I use the
paypal tags, that information is not returned.

The tags I am using are:
payer_business_name - Company name

This is the configuration information that I am sending paypal:
currency_code mc_currency address_override amount no_shipping return
notify_url no_note

Does anyone know how to fix this so that I can get the address
information sent back?


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