[thelist] Session problems on host - how to respond to host?

Michele Foster (WizarDev) michele at wizardev.ca
Sun Jan 23 18:44:32 CST 2005

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From: "Tim Burgan" <email at timburgan.com>

> My website that the fuss is over, can be seen at:
> <http://www.ywamsa.org.au/timburgan> (Hosted on 3SHost, IIS, PHP 4.3.1)
> You can see it working at: <http://www.timburgan.com/ywam> (Hosted on
> WebHost4Life, ISS PHP 4.3.9)


I hate to be the bearer of bad news .. but there are some serious problems
with that site's navigation and the rotating photos.  Sometimes the photos
don't appear at all, in IE, it's not as bad, since there's a drop shadow on
the nav items, but in FF, there isn't, so it's white on white.  Sometimes
the left side of the photo is too light, making it very difficult to see the
menu in FF too.  The Youth with a mission image seems to vanish at times
too.  Here's a screen shot with FF at the top and IE underneath:
http://mich.f2o.org/tim.jpg and FF again missing the YWAM banner too:
http://mich.f2o.org/tim2.jpg  (poorly resampled, my fault).

The sub navs are fiddley (tech. term ;) in FF, if I don't hit the exact
correct spot, then the menu goes away.  Additionally, why do I get the hand
indicating an item is clickable, yet, I keep clicking it and nothing
happens.  I have to choose a sub menu or sub, sub menu option before I get
anywhere.  How do search bots do that, or people with disabilities?

I think the site looks great, except for the menus, where they are and how
they function.

I know you didn't ask for a critique, and I can't help you with your other
problem, hopefully you aren't offended by my comments.   I should stop
stalling on writing content ;)


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