[thelist] www prefix is it necessary?

Justin Kozuch @ pxLabs justin at pxlabs.com
Mon Jan 24 16:35:44 CST 2005

Hi Rich,

I would tend to think that the www part is important, especially when 
posting URLs to a mailing list like this one, or to a forum... As it 
stands, Outlook/Thunderbird are quite smart enough to know that 
pxlabs.com is a web address, while the software knows that 
www.pxlabs.com or http://pxlabs.com is.

Someday, I hope they do make software that will recognize either 
variation of a URL.


Justin Kozuch
Creative Director, pxLabs
"Helping clients improve their business through the use of Web standards"

Rich Points wrote:

> Howdy,
> I try to avoid using the www prefix when witting and talking about 
> URL's.  As far as I know all urls will work without the www.
> My question is why is this prefix used if it's not necessary?
> R

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