[thelist] www prefix is it necessary?

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Mon Jan 24 16:37:36 CST 2005

Message from Rich Points (1/24/2005 03:16 PM)
>I try to avoid using the www prefix when witting and talking about 
>URL's.  As far as I know all urls will work without the www.
>My question is why is this prefix used if it's not necessary?

Speculation on my part, but probably because back in the day when it was 
all about the "Internet" before the "World Wide Web" had gained as much 
dominance and popularity as it since has, web servers provided other 
services, each on a different subdomain.

mail.example.com, ftp.example.com, gopher.example.com, etc.

Now, however, most people only know about the website portion of the web 

Doesn't hurt to have both versions working though. Doesn't cost you 
anything and might save a few blushes.

If you do publish a site url without the www, make very sure that the 
server is configured to accept that though, as others have mentioned.


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