Common Practice vs Standards (was: Re: [thelist] www prefix is it necessary?)

Michael Pemberton evolt at
Mon Jan 24 21:52:33 CST 2005

Rich Points wrote:
> Howdy,
> I try to avoid using the www prefix when witting and talking about 
> URL's.  As far as I know all urls will work without the www.
> My question is why is this prefix used if it's not necessary?
> R

This raises an interesting issue.  Should the shorthand become the norm?

I have found the IE starts to remove the trailing '/' on urls that are 
stored in the histroy ("" becomes 
"").  This, along with other people following the 
same pattern, has resulted in more users making this a habit.

At what point does common practice over-rule standards?

Because of the conflict, I have found that Apache no longer has a common 
  variable that allows you to identify your site without turning off 
UseCanonicalName.  The result being that I had to configure my own 
variable :(

Michael Pemberton
evolt at

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