[thelist] Using JavaScript for non-clickable email addresses

Christian Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Tue Jan 25 16:10:23 CST 2005

Jono wrote:

> I would like to place an email address on a page, but I do not want 
> SPAM Harvesters to see the address.  I have a solution to display 
> useable/clickable email addresses, but I need to find a solution to 
> display an email address that is not clickable as well.

What if a visitor cannot have javascript on? You make the email spam 
problem not only yours but also the one of your visitors. The only 
option to avoid spam is to have an email form, or a link pointing to an 
ID in a database, period.

You can do "clever" things with Javascript or text encoding, but you 
punish  your visitors that way.

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