[thelist] Using JavaScript for non-clickable email addresses

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Tue Jan 25 15:57:54 CST 2005

If you use a server-side language (like asp, php, cf, etc.) maybe a 
contact form with a <select> list of all the users could work. That way 
you could have a server-side script match the users id numbers from the 
<select> list with their email addresses just before sending the message.

Kinda like a guestbook / email form. Just something to get the code away 
from the user.

Might be a bit more complex than what you're looking for, but it might 
do the trick.

> So, is there a simple js snip that will produce plan text?
> Something along the lines of what is on this page...
> http://www.bronze-age.com/nospam/
> ...only plain text needs to be produced in place of a functioning 
> email address.
> Any one have an idea?

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