[thelist] Reset Button

Richard Harb rharb at earthling.net
Tue Jan 25 17:59:40 CST 2005

Well, paired with a little javascript that unhides that notification text
'Thank you for your submission' it works wonders on keeping that complaints
inbox clean :)

Seriously though, sometimes when values in a complicated form have already been
given it might eventually be of use to rather reset the damn thing then to do
something stupid - like transmitting.

I know that the designer should probably rethink the interface just then ... but
it _might_ be a valid application - the only one that comes to mind.


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From: Rob Smith
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005, 11:58:02 PM
> :-\

> Of all the Web Programming tools at our disposal can anyone give me a
> logical and practical reason why we would place the reset button on forms?
> Why would anyone blatantly delete everything they just typed in.

> Rob

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