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Justin Kozuch @ pxLabs justin at
Tue Jan 25 18:26:37 CST 2005

> i wonder what would happen if we didn't code for it at all.  are there 
> more web standard coders than not?  would that not be the way to force 
> microsoft's hand, maybe, and have them step into line.  is there a 
> move to ask adobe and macromedia to make their wysiwyg programs write 
> code that validates and are to w3c standards?  that would really force 
> microsoft to adjust to the industry instead of the industry adjusting 
> to microsoft.
> dwain 

I would tend to think that the number of web standard coders are on the 
rise, however, there are plenty of designers who don't code for 
standards compared to those who do. The reasons for this are, I'm sure, 
are varied, ranging from plain old "I really don't see the benefits" 
ignorance to the more incredulous "Web standards? What the cuff are Web 

Is there a move to ask the software makers to develop software that 
generates standards-compliant, valid code? You bet there is.

Getting Microsoft to adjust to standards, as opposed to the other way 
around, would be like pulling teeth. Painful at best.

Justin Kozuch
Creative Director, pxLabs
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