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dwain dwain at
Tue Jan 25 20:09:35 CST 2005

Justin Kozuch @ pxLabs wrote:

> I would tend to think that the number of web standard coders are on 
> the rise, however, there are plenty of designers who don't code for 
> standards compared to those who do. The reasons for this are, I'm 
> sure, are varied, ranging from plain old "I really don't see the 
> benefits" ignorance to the more incredulous "Web standards? What the 
> cuff are Web standards?".
i have run across the "what the cuff, my web site displays ok" to the 
"there are web standards?  where can i get information?"  i got a thank 
you from the last question when i sent the w3c link.  i didn't know 
about web standards until i began using css and subscribed to the 
css-discuss list.  now i make the effort to validate and write good 
code.  there are those out there, with a bit of knowledge of the 
existence of standards, would make the switch.  i am grateful for lists 
such as this one to help me understand standards and better coding 
practices.  without you seasoned veterans i would still be using wysiwyg 
in the dark rather than hand coding clean, standards compliant code (or 
at least trying to).

standards are just that, the proper or correct way to perform a task 
that all may benefit from without crashing the system.  what i foresee 
is that standards will become universal and that non standard practices 
will not render properly; and that those who are not with the program 
will fall by the wayside.  am i delusional?  maybe, but  with the rise 
in gecko browsers being used and those of us coding to standards, if you 
are using a non standards browser in the future you will not get the 
correct picture.  people will be saying "ie doesn't make the page look 
right, what's wrong with ie?"  that's when ms will have to fish or cut 
bait.  coders can and will make the difference.  the more coders that 
know about standards and see that other browsers, except for ie, render 
their designs properly with fewer to no hacks, then standards will 
work.  until then, hack on brothers!


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