SPAM-LOW: Re: [thelist] Re: SPAM-LOW: Re: Common Practice vs Standards

dwain dwain at
Tue Jan 25 22:03:05 CST 2005

Ken Schaefer wrote:

>That will probably never happen. Too much will probably "break". End users
>are not the ones that make Microsoft money - corporations are, and they would
>not be happy if the apps that they have spent millions developing suddenly
>started developing strange quirks. Check Dave Masey's blog post about this
i read the article.  certainly didn't sound promising, but i think that 
some of the comments were quite germane about having site developers 
recode their pages to standards.  i guess putting it in that perspective 
makes more sense.  if browsers and software developers developed to 
standards then "old" pages would have to be recoded to standards and the 
rest of us could go forth.  pie-in-the-sky?  maybe, but something is 
going to have to give.

one of the authors mentioned that we, the coders, serve ms -- i thought 
it was the other way around.  is the industry going to continue to 
accept product development that supports inferior standards?  i hope not.


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