[thelist] Site test on a mac

James Hardy evolt at weeb.biz
Wed Jan 26 04:09:32 CST 2005

Hi, a few of our customers have reported issues browsing our site on a
mac. Unfortunately, as I do not have a mac, or access to one (for the
moment at least - I'm saving up for a mac-mini) testing it myself is not 
currently particularly easy

Would it be possible for any mac users out there to give it the once 
over in Safari, IE5.2 Mac and/or a Mac Gecko based browser (I know that 
that should work the same as on PCs, but you never know) and let me know 
of any problems using it.

The site in question is http://www.filmnight.com/
The issue seems to be logging onto the site after signing up: i.e.
sign-up, close browser (and thus destroy session), can't log in again.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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