[thelist] Site test on a mac

James Hardy evolt at weeb.biz
Wed Jan 26 06:11:01 CST 2005

And lo; it came to pass that the great prophet, Chris Price spake. And 
the huddled masses rejoiced to hear:
> The site works fine in Firefox but there's big problems with IE5.2 and even
> worse on Safari 1.0.3.
> The home page looks fine on all browsers but neither Safari nor IE display
> the login page correctly.
> IE does a reasonable job of rendering the page but the login doesn't work. I
> input email, pw and submit and just get fed login again.
> Safari totally garbles login area so I can't even attempt to enter anything.
> I registered on Firefox and there are no problems there at all.
> IE5.2 is crap anyway but I suppose someone must use it.
> I can post you screen shots if you send me your email
Well I am not too bothered with IE to be honest. I have never heard of a 
mac user who actually uses it as their prefered browser, but the 
complete failure of Safari is of concern to me, as I have tried to be 
standards compliant on that page as far as the site architecture will 
allow me.

If you could forward me a screenshot that would be great, you can get me 
either on this email: evolt at weeb.biz or you can replace evolt with james.

I do have a question about Safari if you or anyone else knows the 
answer, I know it is based on KHTML, is it safe to say that if it 
renders ok in Konqueror, it will render ok in Safari?


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