[thelist] Using JavaScript for non-clickable email addresses

Jono ox4dboy at comcast.net
Wed Jan 26 10:26:40 CST 2005


When looking at your code I see that in the head you have:
<meta name="creator" content="Richard Harb mailto:rharb at earthling.net" 

Even though your address is "protected" in the footer, I am guessing a 
SPAM bot would see your address in the header and harvest that.  I am 
not sure about that, but I think anything in the source code is fair 
game for bots.  You might want to reconsider having your address in the 
header if you don't want it to be harvested.  Again, I could be wrong 
about this, but it's something to look into.

Final word is hat the only safe method is a back-end/sever-side 
approach, which for now I cannot do.

Thanks for your replay.

On Jan 25, 2005, at 7:18 PM, Richard Harb wrote:

> It's perfectly clickable but doesn't exactly look like an email 
> address on first
> sight. Although chances are that the bots get smart someday and decode 
> it. Then
> again the same could be said for using those javascript methods.
> My email is listed at the bottom of www.wegotit.at
> just look at the last few characters in the source.
> Richard

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