[thelist] E-Commerce and Web Standards? Frightcatalog.com

Kyle Bradshaw kyle at frightcatalog.com
Wed Jan 26 13:36:43 CST 2005

I have been making standards based websites for a couple years now, however
the time has come for a redesign of a major holiday (Halloween) ecommerce
site. This place gets about 5000 uniques/day in the off season and upwards
of 30k uniques/day in season. I'm worried about building a standards based
site because I have had compatibility issues with sites in the past (keeping
css hacks down to a minimum). We don't have a large team here to debug and
see errors across many different browsers and configurations (like I know
some major standards based sites probably do). Mainly I'm worried about
those layout-breaking-problems that could slip through the cracks on
non-mainstream browsers or browsers I can't test for. As an ecommerce site
it is imperative that it can be viewed by everyone regardless of what
browser they're using.


I'm concerned with building off of solid 3 column layouts that have been
proven to be compatible with many older browsers.


Suggestions / Resources from anyone that has dealt with this potential
predicament before would be helpful.


Has anyone attempted this? What are the pitfalls?


More detailed information is as follows:


Most of our surfers are in the 1024x768 and 800x600 resolution range


Our customers are mostly of the non-technical variety employing these

>From top to bottom we

MSIE 6.x           74%

AOL 9.x            8%

Netscape 7.x     7%

MSIE 5.0x         3%

MSIE 5.5           2%

Safari 1.x          2%

Firefox              1%

Others              3%




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