[thelist] Web-Based Hidden Image Optimization

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Wed Jan 26 13:43:43 CST 2005

PHP allows you to get a physical image size:
The cheap and easy way to do it is to make it clear on the form what your
required dimensions are, and throw out any uploads that exceed it. 
If you wanted a way that was less dependent on the users' ability to resize
images, you could use the GD image library to do it yourself:


I'm counting on the users level of intelligence to be that of a rock, or on
the level of "Why would I use a rodent (mouse) on my computer?!" They're not
going to know how to handle image size. All they know is they have the
latest and greatest 6.0 mega pixel camera. Since I'm setting the users' disk
quota somewhere between 4MB and 10MB, they're going to eat up the disk space
like a hungry 700 lb man in a pastry shop. *shudder* bad visual image.

I just finished the incredibly light easy-reading GD manual and found some
thumbnail tutorials on this topic on-line.

I should be fine. Thanks again,


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