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Wed Jan 26 14:23:01 CST 2005

Message from Mattias Thorslund (1/26/2005 03:14 PM)

>dwain wrote:
>>do you think that the nike swoosh sold for a paltry sum?
>Funny you mention the Nike swoosh! It sold for $35.00. Check Nike's own 
>FAQ; e.g. at:

Lovely! I suspected that dwain's statement could be contradicted by I 
didn't have an official source to cite.

>M. Seyon wrote:
>>>Newsflash. Your Intellectual Property is not some logo you created for 
>>>Bob's House of Cookies. Intellectual Property is the ability in your 
>>>mind, to conceive and create *the next design*. Creating one design does 
>>>not diminish your existing reserve of intellect, or make you less able 
>>>to create other designs. Quite the opposite, in fact.
>>intellectual property is the logo.  like you said it is the ability in 
>>your mind to conceive and create the next design.  according to your 
>>logic the first logo is not ip because there was not a preceding logo 
>>created.  usually the first logo you create is in a design class; 
>>everything after that is ip, according to your statement.  microsoft's 
>>intellectual property is their source code, is their really any 
>>difference between source code and a logo or photograph or book or web 
>>site design?  i don't think so, do you?
>Neither of you is right on this.

I was speaking figuratively, not literally, when I made my statement. 
Apologies if that was unclear. My point was that holding onto the rights 
for a logo you've already designed borders on the absurd. The true value 
that "IP" attempts to protect is the designer's ability to create.

>Defining exactly what IP is, is thorny as hell. That's a whole different 
>discussion, and there are too many misconceptions..

And I agree. It's not something that can be defined readily.


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