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Mattias Thorslund mattias at inreach.com
Wed Jan 26 17:53:55 CST 2005

M. Seyon wrote:

> Message from Mattias Thorslund (1/26/2005 03:14 PM)
>> Defining exactly what IP is, is thorny as hell. That's a whole 
>> different discussion, and there are too many misconceptions..
> And I agree. It's not something that can be defined readily.

Actually, here are two links with professional definitions:

In short, the major types of IP are:
* Copyrights
* Trademarks
* Patents
* Trade Secrets

So, IP is not necessarily:
- Ideas in your head, unless you can protect them with patents or trade 
secrets. The fuzzier your idea is, the less likely.
- Your "style" or something similar. Others can imitate you, but you can 
still diss them for not coming up with something original :-)


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