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Mattias Thorslund mattias at inreach.com
Wed Jan 26 16:52:55 CST 2005

Mike wrote:

> At 11:14 26.01.2005 -0800, you wrote:
>> Not at all.  If you talk about creating a new logo, you can get one 
>> for $35.00 or $1 million, depending on your budget.  The cheapo logo 
>> can be just as successful as the expensive one, if it's good.
>> In the end, the success of a logo is part "magical ju-ju", which is 
>> what you hope you're more likely to get by hiring some expensive logo 
>> designer firm, and part marketing dollars - lots of them.
> That's what made me want to have it explained... Seems to me that
> to bid on logo design is even more scientific that on webdesign.

Nah. Just don't expect anyone to consider your bid if you can't part 
with the copyright.

BTW, I wish to retract "if it's good", above. :-)

Bidding at a logo contest is another wrinkle of course. Make sure that 
you know the rules of the contest. Perhaps it says "all entries become 
the property of the recipient"...

>> If you talk about the selling of an established logo, what's 
>> reflected in the price is its market recognition, paid for in 
>> advertising - not the copyright itself.
> ... and even less the quality of the logo. Many business founders
> that don't get far, spend too much time thinking about their logo
> and their company name. Micro-soft... tsss... small and weak...
> and look at that childish windows logo. I'm a design guy myself, but
> these are the facts   :P

Yes, there are a FEW other factors that makes for a successful business. 
And a company can make up for a bad logo by spending more $ on marketing 


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