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Mattias Thorslund mattias at inreach.com
Thu Jan 27 10:42:15 CST 2005

Scott Benton wrote:

> Regarding the logo design question, I've been in the ad business for 
> over 12 years. In my experience, logos, along with all forms of 
> creative marketing (layouts, brand standards, ads, etc.) immediately 
> become the property of the end client upon completion of and payment 
> for a project. 

Thanks for validating!

> I put the best of my work in my portfolio for promotional purposes. As 
> a designer, I would never presume to dictate the terms under which my 
> clients could use (or modify) my work. If I were to attempt to do so, 
> my career would be over very quickly. I live and work in Dallas, TX, 
> and its a very competitive market here. There are over 1,000 ad 
> agencies in the phone book, most of them small independent designers 
> or agencies. If I were to concern myself with IP issues and long-term 
> usage of my work, there would be plenty of other designers walking 
> over my corpse to do the project on the clients terms - and why not. I 
> do the best work that I can do, I get paid for my time, and the job is 
> over. Next please. While I understand the concerns over IP, and 
> sometimes wince when I see what clients have done with my work, this 
> is a business, not an art form. People who are too attached to their 
> work to handle that reality should try making it in fine art...

Maybe it's still art, but with a very utilitarian purpose.  The customer 
will decide what works for them and if they determine that changing it 
will make it work better, they will definitely demand the rights to do 
so. Makes perfect sense to me, athough I can understand the artist's 

The same ought to be the case for web site designs also BTW.


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